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"The idea to launch a new, dedicated OneNote Tips and Tricks blog
grew from another initiative launched a few weeks ago,
the OneNote Community Notebook. "

A proof of concept weblog to demonstrate how you can blog from OneNote 2013 for Windows desktop is now live, right here at OneNote Community Tips & Tricks. You may notice there's a certain Droste effect to this particular post. Needless to say this post was drafted entirely in OneNote.

The idea to launch a new, dedicated OneNote tips and tricks blog grew from another initiative launched a few weeks ago, the OneNote Community Notebook. That notebook is publicly accessible and as such a challenging experiment to see if OneNote can be used to collaboratively collect and document OneNote usage tips.

Why Blog from OneNote?

Obvious reasons for blogging from OneNote would be:

  • OneNote serves as a full-blown blogging editor, with familiar keyboard shortcuts
  • OneNote pages and even selected page
    fragments [!] can be submitted as blog posts
  • all of your existing research notes are at hand for swift searching, copying and pasting
  • images are uploaded automatically
  • drafts are saved offline and online
  • with most blogging systems OneNote pages are automatically syndicated into an RSS feed (RSS)
  • it's great to show off what you use OneNote for professionally or privately

Blog hosting
Blogging from OneNote relies on the web publishing features of Microsoft Word. Here's how to initiate OneNote's Send to Blog feature: just press File > Send > Blog.

OneNote blogging requires a connection to a hosted blog (e.g. SharePoint, Blogger, TypePad, or self-hosted blog (e.g. Any content management system that provides an API or xmlrpc.php entry point will do.

I chose a self-hosted WordPress blog that I had installed in a branch off of my preferred domain

After choosing the desired blogging platform Microsoft Word displays a dialog box prompting for the account credentials of the blog:

To publish a post, we use the BLOG POST tab located on the left of the Microsoft Word command ribbon:

After hitting the Publish button, the OneNote item is live on your blog - either as a draft, or immediately public.